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Why almost everything you think about workplace stress is wrong…

  • Most people are less stressed by their work than they think
  • Lockdown has actually reduced levels of stress (and why that’s a bad thing)
  • It’s our ability to cope with stress that’s the problem rather than stress itself
  • Stress is not a disease, but the body’s natural response to unexpected demands
  • Very few people recognise the positive effects of stress

You can watch our webinar to discover the early results of our ground-breaking study into workplace stress. In partnership with UCL, Kings College London and Bath University, Biostress has pioneered the long-term biometric monitoring of stress and resilience in the workplace and its impact on both individual and organisational performance.

Using our innovative BIO programme, we objectively benchmark stress in employees to understand the truth about stress and its impact on individual and organisational performance. Armed with objective data, we help individuals address the lifestyle factors that influence their ability to cope with stress. And help businesses to design and deliver interventions that improve the management of workplace stress. We then track and evaluate their impact on performance KPIs to ensure they provide effective RoI.

Our revolutionary approach to stress management

We work with organisations to improve the management of workplace stress through our ground-breaking programme.

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