About BioStress

Our story started by asking ourselves…

What if you could monitor stress objectively, accurately and scientifically in real-time in the real world and, for the first time, measure its direct impact on the commercial performance of your employees?

What if you could use this objective data to provide personal advice to help employees better manager their stress management and build resilience?

And what if, through the aggregation of anonymous data, you could identify precisely how the business itself was unnecessarily contributing to employee stress and how this could be alleviated through remedial intervention?

With such a co-ordinated programme, you could then repeat the monitoring ongoing to track the progress of any change and directly measure its ROI through both commercial KPIs and individual wellbeing – increasing productivity while simultaneously improving wellbeing.

Welcome to a new world of stress management…

Welcome to Biostress.

Meet the team

We set out with a mission to revolutionise the understanding and management of workplace stress. To do this we have brought together a world-leading team of neuroscientists, data scientists and commercial experts to deliver our ground-breaking BIO programme.

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