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Workplace stress solution
Workplace stress - Biostress Lab

Current workplace stress management solutions are failing!

  • Failing to objectively measure stress

  • Failing to correlate stress with productivity

  • Failing to proactively improve wellbeing and stress management

This is because they rely on subjective surveys and interviews which are littered with bias, or they just measure the outcome e.g. sickness absence due to stress. Employers need to act now to save costs, retain staff and improve wellbeing.

Our revolutionary approach

What we do

We work with organisations to revolutionise the management of workplace stress. Using advanced biometric devices, we objectively measure workplace stress and deliver improvements in wellbeing and productivity through our ground-breaking BIO programme.

BioStress Lab - stress research


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  • Biometric measurement of stress
  • Unique individual report on stress and recovery
  • Dashboard of organisational performance
  • Identify improvements to stress
  • Individual stress improvement programme
  • Organisational improvement programme
  • Optimised performance programme

  • Annual monitoring of employees
  • Dashboard of performance


Always refreshing to compare what’s actually happening vs. what you think. Actually seeing the data, inspires you to do something


So insightful, helps you understand so you can make changes


Honestly. It’s really useful to have the insight, everyone should do it. If you get the chance you should bloody well go for it!


Workplace Stress is a BIG problem

0bn GBP
The cost of workplace stress to UK business in lost productivity
Working days lost due to stress in the UK
of HR professionals state mental health as their no.1 wellbeing priority

In 2019, over half a million workers were suffering from ‘workplace stress, depression or anxiety’ resulting in the loss of 12.8 million working days estimated to cost £30 billion to employers (UK Health & Safety Executive). The World Health Organisation estimates that stress costs the global economy $1 trillion a year in lost productivity.

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